Why You Should Be Interested In Multi-Location Call Tracking

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Your website is important. Maybe that’s an obvious statement, but it’s true nonetheless. This next one might not be quite as obvious yet: your mobile website is even more important. We know smartphone users continue to grow (the U.S. alone will top 200 million by 2017), but we are only recently seeing how much advertisers are recognizing this growth. They are putting their money where consumers are: in mobile search. In 2015, for the very first time, mobile search ad spend will surpass desktop. And then, within three years, there will be over 73 billion calls made to businesses from mobile search alone.

But why do your customers visit your website? It’s to browse, do research, make a purchase, find a store location, and obtain contact information – including a phone number. And, as if you needed it at this point, here are a few stats to further emphasize the importance of mobile search and providing your customers easy access to call you:

  • 70% of mobile searchers have used click-to-call to connect with a business
  • 61% of customers believe it’s important that businesses give them a phone number to call
  • 47% of mobile searchers say that if a business doesn’t have a phone number associated with their search results, they will be more likely to explore other brands

The power of the smartphone only goes so far unless you are able to optimize your marketing to increase its ROI. Enter call tracking. Being able to track phone leads back to the marketing source they originated from (whether specific ads, keywords, web pages, email, etc.) enables you to prove and improve marketing ROI.

But what if you have a web page with multiple phone numbers listed on it pointing to different stores, offices, or agent locations? Can you still track calls from each number? And ensure calls are still routed to the right place? Why yes – yes you can. Let’s find out why multi-location call tracking might interest you.

My Business Has Multiple Locations

“Find A Store.” “Store Locator.” “Locations.” These are just a few variations of what many customers visiting a business’s website are looking for: a single page where they can find the nearest office or store location. Call tracking technology exists that allows marketers to display unique trackable numbers for multiple offices, stores, or services listed on a single web page. This way your customers are connected with the most appropriate location, and you are able to attribute the phone call to the correct marketing source that drove that web session that led to the call.

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The other piece of the puzzle is the ability to route the call to the correct location. After you track where your phone leads are coming from, call routing technology that also includes contextual call routing can direct the call to the right place based on your business needs. In this case, being able to route the call based on the multi-location call tracking number means your customer is quickly and accurately directed to the location they selected.

My Lead Gen Service Needs to Prove How We Drive Calls And ROI To Our Clients

Or maybe you are a lead generation company, online directory, or affiliate marketer. If so, you know it is essential for your business to get credit for every lead you drive to your clients. BIA/Kelsey reports that 66% of sales managers consider inbound phone calls to be excellent leads, more than any other type – which means proving your service drives these valuable phone leads for each client is particularly important. Multi-location call tracking can help marketers do this, and for these businesses it is even more important to use call routing to ensure calls are being directed to the correct client’s business.

Take Vitals, one of the world’s most popular resources for patients searching for doctors, who used call tracking to prove how they drove 7.5 times more calls and appointments for their clients. By displaying a unique trackable phone number on each client’s listing, they are able to tell that the call came from not only their service, but the specific website and listing as well.

Interested in seeing multi-location call tracking in action? Request a demo to learn (and see) how this technology can work for your business.

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