Successful Leaders Take Time for Their Health

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You’re mindful of the health of your business. You’re mindful of the health of your team. But are you mindful of your own health—the health of your body and of your mind?

Successful leaders understand that they’re going to be most focused, most energetic, most creative, and most positive when they’re feeling their best—well-rested, well-nourished, low-stress. They also understand that good health doesn’t happen by accident. You’ve got to spend some time working on it, investing in it.

That’s a tall order for some business leaders, who often feel as though they simply don’t have any extra time to spare. They give everything to their business and have little left over for themselves. But this is the wrong way of thinking. Investing in your own health is investing in your business, and in your professional success. It ensures that you have the drive and the endurance and the open-mindedness to thrive.

So what are some specific health concerns for business leaders to think about? Consider:

  • First, make sure you’re getting enough sleep! You’ve heard it said that eight hours a day is the minimum, and that’s not just some random number: It’s really how long the body needs to recharge itself. Don’t burn yourself out by working all night. Leave your computer and your phone in another room, keep your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep—devoid of all work!—and really make yourself get those eight hours.
  • What you do in the morning matters. Get your head right and your mind prepared for the challenges of the day. Start staving off stress early on. Spend a few moments in quiet meditation, or simply doing some deep breathing and calming yourself before the start of the day. I recommend repeating some phrases of self-affirmation, as well.
  • Find an outlet for your stress—a creative activity, a physical pursuit, or something else you can do to unleash pent-up energy and take your mind off workplace problems for a few minutes each day.
  • Make sure you’re working out! How you want to work out—lifting, running, walking—is up to you. The important thing, and the thing a lot of business-types neglect, is to be intentional about it. Schedule your workout times. Put them into your calendar, or they won’t happen.
  • Finally, be careful about what you eat! Find some quick and easy meals you can fall back on, keeping you from eating McDonald’s every day of the week.

Remember: When you invest in the health of mind and body, you’re really investing in the health of your business and your career.

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