4 Core Areas Of Sales Email Improvement

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You’ve probably sent thousands of emails in the last year, but when was the last time that you actually spent time improving how you send emails? Considering the substantial amount of time we spend emailing (a quarter of the average work day), very few look to improve inbox habits.

Cirrus Insight’s Jason Hubbard and RingLead CEO, Donato Diorio, will be joining forces to host a Sales Email Hacks for Gmail and Salesforce webinar on Jan.15 from 2-3pm ET. Attending will provide all you need to know about effectively writing, sending, and tracking emails in 2015.

Here are four key categories of inbox improvement:

1. Search

Before writing an email, you must find the right contacts for outreach. If you have been on Gmail for any time at all, contact lists can compile quite quickly. Being able to easily navigate these lists to find a desired contact in a matter of seconds will save loads of time. But simply locating the right contact doesn’t mean your job is done though. That’s the easy part.

2. Write

If finding the right contacts is the easy part, then writing cold emails to potential customers can be one of the most difficult tasks for any salesperson. That being said, there are steps that can make cold emailing easier. To start with, make sure that your email is personalized. People are wary of being spammed, and your email to even just 15 top prospects with the same message can come across as spammy. You’ve got to write that email to each and every one of your prospects if you want to get traction.

3. Send

There is a right time to send an email, and there is a wrong time to send an email. Sometimes, the timing doesn’t matter. But do you know the difference? A detail as seemingly trivial as the timing of an email can determine whether a lead responds at all. For example, many tests have found that emails sent during the workday on Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to have the highest open rates.

4. Track

We’re entering an age in computing where sending emails blindly will no longer cut it. In order to thrive in 2015, you’ll need to know which email strategies were most effective. The way to do that is through analytics. By using tools such as Cirrus Insight Analytics or other comparable tools, you can create dashboards showing email opens and customer engagement.

Learn how writing, sending, and tracking emails effectively can boost productivity in both Gmail and Salesforce.

In addition to all this information, attendees will receive a sneak peak at some of the newest features and improvements to Cirrus Insight and RingLead’s sales enablement tool, Capture. If you attend, you’ll also get 20% off Cirrus Insight for the first year and three free months of Capture!

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