What is .rodeo?

This generic top-level domain was approved in 2014 and is meant for the use of rodeo competitors, host cities, livestock and horse breeders and suppliers, and facility managers to promote events and contests.

Who uses .rodeo?

The market-specific domain extension is for livestock owners, associations, riders, venues, and ticket providers involved in this equestrian sport. A website with this domain suffix can provide roughstock and timed event contestants and hosts the publicity they need. Shops specializing in cowboy and cowgirl clothing, hats, stirrups, boots, and lassos can also be more recognizable through .rodeo.

Why go with .rodeo?

You can keep rodeo fans abreast of the latest competitions and exhibitions with a .rodeo website. With your portal, it would be easier to plan and announce an event, find sponsors, pull in volunteers, and sell tickets. Tell fans in your locality about the latest on rodeo animal athletes and their fearless riders.
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