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Modernize your network technology for the potential of greater value, flexibility, speed and reliability.

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  • Value

    Can lower the cost of network maintenance and enable cost-effective software solutions.

  • Flexibility

    Quickly deploy and scale network services, add endpoints and manage workloads.

  • Speed

    Enjoy fast data transmissions and access to cloud-based applications.

  • Reliability

    Increase the stability, service continuity and signal integrity of your network.

Prepare to raise your expectations.

Extending your network across town, around the world and into the cloud could help: 

  • Data productivity
  • Control costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Scale your business with ease
  • Products that bring your transition vision to life

Access modernization +

Free your data to go anywhere fast.

  • Ethernet

    Ethernet-based technology is highly available, scalable (up or down), efficient and cost-effective and offers secure bandwidth you can use to support your network.


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  • Network Services with Express Connect

    Before your new site is installed, access the internet or your corporate WAN from new locations using the Verizon wireless network. Later, Express Connect converts to a cost-effective backup service after your wireline service is turned up.


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  • Secure Cloud Interconnect

    Get on-demand, flexible, reliable and secure access to multiple cloud service providers using a Private IP network that is completely separate from the public internet.


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  • Software Defined Interconnect

    Connect your Private IP network to co-located data centers to make it easier and more cost-effective to provision and manage workloads and network traffic in real time.


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Point-to-point upgrade +

Discover the simplicity of no-nonsense connectivity.

  • Internet Dedicated Services

    Get high-bandwidth, dedicated connections to Verizon’s global public IP network via broad availability that empowers your business with improved productivity.


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  • Broadband

    Depending on availability in your area, choose the simplicity of broadband to get the affordability and reliability you prefer.


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  • Ethernet Switched E-Line

    Enjoy secure, dynamic and private connectivity between two or more sites using multiple point-to-point connections. Switched E-Line picks the best path when forwarding your company data.


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  • Ethernet Dedicated E-Line

    Get high-quality, dedicated bandwidth with a static path (that you can choose) and predictable latency for true point-to-point service.


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  • Wavelength Services

    When you need robust solutions for high-capacity, low-latency use cases, choose from among these types of direct, private connections between major locations.



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  • LTE Business Internet

    Fast, reliable internet service fuels today’s businesses. Whether you’re connecting remote employees to the office, customers to your business or your business to the cloud, connectivity matters.


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Global WAN transformation +

Amp up reliability and flexibility with secure connections.

  • Private IP

    Utilize this high-performing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based VPN service to update your network infrastructure to reliable and proven technology for all your applications, locations, devices and machines.


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  • Ethernet Switched E-LAN

    Easily manage core networks with flexible, reliable multipoint service and any-to-any private connectivity with the simplicity of Ethernet.


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  • Managed SD WAN

    Configure your network more intelligently with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and the knowledgeable support of Verizon’s Managed Services.


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  • Small and medium-sized business

  • Build the business connections you envision.

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  • Public Sector

    Be ready to scale on demand and evolve to meet new collaboration needs.

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  • Frequently asked questions


My legacy technologies work for me. Why switch now? +
  • Legacy technologies are becoming harder and harder to maintain and manage. Manufacturers have discontinued some equipment and many have reduced support as it has been deemed "end of life."

Can I schedule my upgrade to best fit my business needs? +
  • Verizon will work with you to schedule a time period that makes sense for you and your team. We want to minimize disruption to your operations while being proactive to find the best opportunity to complete this upgrade.

What if I don't want to upgrade to a new service? +
  • You can continue to use your Verizon services. Verizon is constantly reviewing our service portfolio to ensure the best choice of products and services for our customers.

    Many legacy copper services have been decommissioned by Verizon and other telecommunications providers.

  • Demystifying Fixed Wireless Access

  • A Webinar Series

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  • Session #1

    Modernizing Your Network: Explore the trends in modern network technologies and fixed wireless access


    Held on May 3, 2021

    In this webinar, Verizon and Cradlepoint experts discuss modern networking trends. You will also hear about:

    • Where the industry is going and what drivers are shaping the need for a fixed wireless solution
    • What fixed wireless access is, why you need it and what the hardware requirements are
    • The types of businesses that benefit from leveraging fixed wireless access
    • How other businesses are using it right now to drive agility

    Get the insights you need to take the mystery out of fixed wireless access.

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