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Changing Account Information


  • If you need to change the name on your Fios account, because you have legally changed your personal or business name and you can provide your account ID, you can make the change by contacting 1.800.Verizon.


  • If you need to change Fios Account Ownership because of the death of the account holder and can provide the account ID, you can do so by calling 1.800.Verizon.
  • For all other Change of the Fios Account Ownership requests, both the outgoing and incoming account holders must together call Verizon. Both should stay on the call during the change of account ownership process.
  • All billed charges up to the effective date of transfer will be billed to the outgoing customer.
  • After the effective date, the incoming customer will be responsible for all billed charges to the account.
  • For this transfer to proceed, you must both agree to these terms.


  • If you currently use the FREE Verizon Cloud 5GB storage feature, all content will be lost once the account is transferred. You should upgrade to a paid Cloud storage or take other actions to transfer your content before the account is transferred and all content is removed.


  • If the services that you are assuming are subject to term agreement, you will take the services subject to the remaining portion of the term agreement. If that term agreement auto-renews, it will auto-renew in accordance with its terms. You may cancel the auto-renewed term 30 days prior to auto-renewal through 60 days after auto-renewal of the agreement.
  • If you disconnect early any services that are a part of the agreement, you will also lose any discounts on any remaining services in the agreement that you keep and also be charged an early termination fee.
  • If there are a sports subscription channels on the account, they will automatically renew. You will have the opportunity to opt out prior to auto-renewal and will be sent a reminder.
  • If Internet service is present on the account, you will need to go through the registration activation process to accept the Terms Of Service before your new service is active. You may also add Broadband Essentials and Extras to the account, if desired. Once the registration process is complete, you may upgrade your connection speed or make other changes to your account.


  • Note that the incoming customer will continue to maintain the same Static IP addresses with the same size IP block as present on the account. An e-mail will be sent to the incoming customer listing the existing IP addresses. By proceeding with the transfer of the account ownership, both the outgoing and incoming customers will agree to transfer of Static IP addresses with the same size IP block as present on the account and to the disclosure of the static IP addresses to the incoming customer. The outgoing customer may wish to associate with a different IP address any domain names or the like linked to the Static IP addresses being transferred before the transfer.


  • If Video services are present on the account, the TV equipment being transferred will include settings such as parental controls, and also any recorded content if a DVR is included. The outgoing customer can delete these settings and content by resetting the set-top box. The incoming customer should obtain the PIN from the outgoing customer to be able to adjust the content and settings after the account is transferred.
  • If Internet service is present on the account, we strongly recommend that the outgoing customer reset the router settings to "factory settings." After transfer of account ownership is complete, the incoming account holder should reset the router’s username and password, and wireless password, including any passwords for a guest network. Verizon strongly recommends that the incoming customer reset the routers security to WPA2. If the router is not reset, the incoming customer will need the router username and password, and wireless password, from the outgoing customer or will need to reset the router. The incoming customer accepts as is the router settings at the time of account transfer and the additional security risks presented until the router settings are reset and changed after account transfer. To reset the router, simply press for at least 10 seconds the router reset button using a paperclip.
  • If the Change of Account Ownership order is cancelled by either the incoming or outgoing customer before it is completed by Verizon, the outgoing customer will remain financially responsible for the account and the transfer of ownership will not occur. In such case, both customers will get the confirmation e-mails provided email addresses are provided by both parties and are accurate.