Set Yourself Paper Free

Enough with paper bills. Make your life easier and
more convenient by signing up for Verizon's Paper Free billing.
You will receive a monthly email and/or text notification that
your monthly bill is available for viewing.

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Paper Free Billing

Stop receiving paper bills and view your bills online anytime. Make your life easier by eliminating clutter by managing your inbox, instead of your mailbox.

Key Benefits

  • Manage your bill easier and faster
  • Get easy online access of your bill
  • View up to 24 months of billing statements

How it Works

  • Easily enroll online
  • Receive an email or a text notification when your
    bill statement is available
  • Review your bill statement online

Auto Pay

When it comes to your Verizon bill, you can finally
take a load off. Find the payment option that perfectly suits you. Control when and how you pay. Easy.

Key Benefits

  • No more stamps or checks to write
  • Control when you make your monthly payments
  • Your payment will automatically be deducted every month
  • View up to 24 months of billing statements

How it Works

  • Enroll & enter your payment information one time
  • Click the email to authorize the payment
  • Receive an email or text notification when your bill is available
    and when your payment has posted

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