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Today's needs call for greater speeds and capacity.
Do more with your internet & TV — with Fios Quantum.

You already have great Internet and TV with Verizon Fios. But these days, everyone’s online more and you record a lot more shows than you used to. Well, fear not — Fios® Quantum has super speed and big capacity across the board. For those who need more. Fios Quantum has super speed and an exciting new feature – DVR streaming.

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Photo of a desktop, tablet and mobile phone using Fios Quantum Internet
Faster speed for more devices.

Nowadays everyone’s online at the same time. Streaming. Uploading. Downloading. Fios Quantum 75/75 Internet gives you access to more Internet capacity, with upload speeds as fast as download speeds. And it stays fast, even with eight devices going at once.

  • Download a 2-hour movie (1.5 GB) in just 2.7 minutes*
  • Upload 200 photos (250 MB) in just 26.7 seconds*
  • Stream, game and chat virtually lag-free.
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Photo of the Fios Quantum Gateway Router
Speed & power that can't be beat.

Now that everyone’s on smartphones and tablets, they expect to connect interruption-free, no matter where they are in and around the house. With the FiosTM Quantum Gateway, you can pick up strong Wi-Fi from the farthest corner of your backyard.

  • Enjoy a Wi-Fi range of up to 325 feet^
  • Create a separate, secure Wi-Fi network just for guests
  • Establish parental controls with ease
Photo of a TV using Fios Quantum service
More control & storage.
Plus amazing new DVR streaming.

Too many shows on at once? DVR full? Does everyone want to watch something different at the same time? With Fios Quantum TV Enhanced Service or Fios Quantum TV Premium Service† you choose how much control and storage you need. And, now you can watch your DVR shows on a compatible mobile device with the Fios Mobile app. Record shows at home and watch nearly anywhere you go — riding the bus, relaxing on a beach, or wherever.

  • Record up to 12 shows at once
  • Enjoy up to 200 hours of HD storage capacity
  • Pause, play and rewind live TV on up to 10 screens
  • Now you can stream shows to your compatible mobile device right from your home DVR
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When your needs change, Fios is ready.
Upgrade to Fios Quantum Internet + Fios Quantum Gateway + Fios Quantum TV.
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*Speeds based on 75/75 Mbps. Download and upload time estimates based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds will vary. ^Speed and range tested in lab conditions using latest-generation wireless devices. In-home speed and range may vary depending on a number of factors like age/type of wireless devices used. Internet services, router location, distance and interference among other things. † Payment plans and prices vary based on number of connected TVs–up to 10. Media Servers and Media Clients beginning at $19.98/mo. Premium DVR Service is $32/mo. and Enhanced DVR service is $22/mo. Recorded content stored on current Set Top Box will not be transferred to new TV equipment. Specific model Verizon branded router required. Fios Quantum TV available in select areas.

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