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Pay-Per-View on Verizon Fios

Enjoy the latest and greatest Pay-Per-View events including boxing matches, WWE Championships, and exclusive music and comedy performances. With PPV, you’ve got front-row access to the best entertainment and programming right from your living room.


WWE Stomping Grounds
Sunday, June 23
Live on Pay-Per-View at 7 PM ET

Watch the first ever Stomping Grounds live on Pay-Per-View on Sunday, June 23rd, 7 pm ET.

Order HD Order SD

How to order Pay-Per-View with your remote.


Fios TV Remote or Big Button Remote

Press the Menu button.

Fios TV One Voice Remote

Press and hold the Microphone button and say

“Launch Pay-Per-View.”


Go to the PPV Folder and select Upcoming Special Events.


Choose your event in HD or SD.


Pay-Per-View Schedule

Never miss a fight. Browse and search the full schedule of live, upcoming and recorded events and fights.

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  • What is Pay-Per-View?

  • Pay-Per-View (or PPV) is a service through which a subscriber can purchase access to a specific television event. Typically, the service is used to distribute live sporting events such as boxing, UFC (mixed martial arts) and WWE (professional wrestling).

    PPV on the Verizon Fios network allows access to a wide range of content on your Fios TV. Please note that establishments are not permitted to show Pay-Per-View events unless they have a business TV package.

  • How does Pay-Per-View work and can I buy it in advance?

  • There are several ways to order Pay-Per-View events on Verizon Fios:

    1. Order in advance online at Verizon.com/ppv.
    2. On the day of the event, order on channel 1000 or 1001HD.
    3. Order in advance through your On Demand Menu by:
      1. Pressing the “Menu” button on your remote.
      2. Going to the PPV Folder.
      3. Selecting “Upcoming Special Events”.
      4. Choosing the PPV event you want to purchase in HD or SD.
    4. Order in advance through your Facebook Messenger bot.
  • Can you watch Pay-Per-View online?

  • You cannot watch Pay-Per-View online, but you can watch them on your Fios TV when you order through Verizon Fios.

  • Where can I find a schedule of Pay-Per-View events?

  • You can find the Pay-Per-View events schedule several places:

    1. At Verizon.com/ppv.
    2. On channel 1000 or 1001 HD.
    3. In the PPV folder under “Upcoming Special Events” in your On Demand menu.

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