Whole-Home Wi-Fi includes one router and Wi-Fi extender rental. Wi-Fi extender provided during or after installation if recommended after Wi-Fi performance analysis by Fios Tech or upon customer request. Self-install includes one router, and if requested by customer, one extender. Additional Extenders are available to rent or purchase. Whole-Home Wi-Fi rental is available at no extra charge with 1 Gig Streaming or Gaming plans and for $10/mo with all other Fios internet plans.
The Home Awareness service is only available with an active in-home Fios Internet service plan. If your Fios Internet service is terminated, then your Home Awareness service will also be terminated on the date your Fios Internet service is also terminated in accordance with The Verizon Customer Agreement, which is available to you on our terms website https://www.verizon.com/about/terms-conditions/residential-terms-service.