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Cables are so 1980s

Once upon a time, just 20 years ago, if you wanted to get online, you had to sit at a desk with a desktop computer connected to a cord plugged into an outlet.

And if you wanted an Internet connection, that’s where you had to stay.

If you’re a millennial used to automatically having an Internet connection wherever you go, you might think this is a hideous and frightening fairy tale.

But it’s true.

In today’s world where you can set up a wireless connection at the coffee shop or airport in a flash, computer towers are as outdated as parachute pants and leg warmers.

Mobility and Convenience

With a home wireless network from Verizon, all the users in your house can access the Internet on any Wi-Fi enabled device—and move from room to room freely.

So whether you want to work on your laptop in the garden or videochat with friends while you’re sitting at the kitchen table, you’ll be connected in the way that’s most convenient for you.

For performance, reliability and unlimited bandwidth on a wireless home network, you can’t beat the power of Fios® Internet with 100% fiber-optics to the home.

Plus, when you go wireless, you’ll never have to hassle with installing wired connections in different rooms again.

Our Best Home Wireless Router

To get the most from your wireless Internet for home experience, be sure to choose the best router available.

One great pick that will help you maximize your Internet connection is our smartest and most powerful router, the Fios Quantum Gateway.

As our best router for home, it provides greater efficiency for multiple Internet users and access to the fastest Wi-Fi available.^

With an incredible range of up to 325 feet^^ of coverage in and around your home, it gives you the freedom you want to work and play online in virtually any room.

Control at Your Fingertips

With the Fios Quantum Gateway, you’ll have the power to customize your Internet experience and establish the preferences that work best for you.

For example, with Guest Wi-Fi, you can set up a separate and secure Wi-Fi network for guests so you never need to compromise your password again.

With advanced parental controls, you can limit Internet access by device or schedule and even update settings remotely using the MY Fios app.

Say Goodbye to the Past

There’s no doubt about it: wireless home Internet technology is here to stay.

And now you can get it for a great low price.

It’s easy to set up a wireless home network powered by the fast, reliable performance of Fios Internet.

Plus, you’ll never have to hassle with cables and cords again!

Wireless is the Future

Some things are worth keeping in life, like old friends, the memory of your first crush, and your sense of humor.

Other blasts from the past—including slow Internet connection, buffering, and a tangle of cords—are better left behind forever.

With the power of a 100% fiber optic network and Verizon Fios, the “good old days” are now.

Why not check out what Fios plans are available in your area today?

We’ll handle the installation and get you set up quickly and easily.

Then you can sit back, relax, and let everyone in the family do what they love without battling for bandwidth.

After all, there are other, more important things to argue about.

Like what’s for dinner.

^Based on Internet speed plans and maximum router throughput available.

^^Speed and range tested in lab conditions using latest generation wireless devices. In-home speed and range may vary depending on a number of factors like age/type of wireless devices used, Internet services, router location, distance and interference among other things.

Verizon Solutions

Mobility and Convenience. With its 100% fiber-optic technology, a home wireless network from Verizon gives every Internet user the power and portability they need to stay connected in virtually any room of your house.

All the Speed You Need. Get fast uploads and downloads, even if the gamer at your house is downloading a different video game for hours every day. No matter how many Internet users you have at home sending and receiving high-bandwidth files at once, we’ve got a money-saving plan that can handle it easily.

Maximum Performance. Looking for the best possible results from your Wi-Fi? Combine your Fios Internet service with the Quantum Gateway router. You’ll get a faster, stronger Internet with dual-band technology, more signal strength for continual connectivity, and a Wi-Fi reach that extends farther than our previous routers.

Professional Installation. Fios installation is professional, simple, hassle-free, and comprehensive. In most cases, we’ll send a qualified technician to your home to set up your service, unless you qualify for self-install. Either way, we’ll get you connected quickly and easily.

Customer Service. We’re always here to help you any questions or solve virtually any issue with our 24/7 technical support by phone and online.

Worry-Free Guarantee. When you choose a 2-year agreement for your Fios service, you can cancel within the first 30 days without an early termination fee.

To find out more, why not take a minute to check Fios services in your area today?


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