2014 Award Categories

At Verizon, we believe that powerful technology can help solve many of society’s biggest problems and that a good idea can come from anywhere. So we’re proud to present the Verizon Powerful Answers Award.

Verizon is offering Millions of Dollars in prizes for innovators who propose the most innovative solutions to help develop and empower four core areas of Education, Healthcare, Sustainability, and Transportation.



Verizon is looking for innovators who can help create a more enriching Education experience with Mobility Solutions. Schools that keep up with the latest technology can give their students an advantage. With Cloud, Mobile and other enabling technologies, how can Education become easier to access, more engaging and collaborative for both students and teachers? The 2014 Challenge is highlighting the following sub-categories:

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

How can you make Education fun and relevant to a Student Anytime and Anywhere with solutions that enable mobility for educational tools?

Student & Teacher Analytics

With the ability to gather data across various channels, how can Students and Teachers learn and benefit from the smart collection and analysis of such data while enabling advanced educational performance metrics?

Collaboration & Gamification

Connecting students to each other and to teachers has never been easier. With Mobile and Social Solutions, how can you enable educational collaboration and find ways to gamify learning that augment educational interactions?

For more on how Verizon can help create enriching educational experiences, Click Here http://powerfulanswers.vzwb2bsolutions.com/landings/education.aspx and http://youtu.be/kfnQ4jj9wnw



Challenges like chronic diseases, an aging population and complex government regulations are overwhelming today’s healthcare industry. How can you help create new solutions to connect clinicians, patients, and critical information for instant results that can dramatically reduce costs and save lives?

Personalized Medicine

Enable patients with solutions for simple personal medical profiles for wellness and other healthcare treatments. Smart analytics and recommendations for medicine and/or actions in either professional or self-service models.

Communications & Care Coordination

Find Solutions to bring the power to the patient by enabling them with their own data and the ability to communicate in real-time, and in a secure and intuitive way with healthcare professionals and doctors for immediate diagnosis and treatment.  How can technology help doctors, clinicians or researchers produce faster results with advanced data analysis for early diagnosis and to combat disease? How can innovation drive a “care anywhere” ecosystem for healthcare, where clinicians have a daily connection to the care compliance activities of their patients, have mobile connectivity to their care teams, and have access to actionable data and decision-support tools to support effective diagnosis and treatment?

Active Living / Wellness

With the availability and development of sensors and connected devices, never before has it been so easy to track your daily activities and their impact on your health and wellness. What solutions can help enable and encourage active lifestyles and, find smarter ways to capture and interpret your activity data, leading to more targeted relevant changes to better your health and wellness?

For more on Verizon’s Healthcare Solutions, Click Here http://www.verizonenterprise.com/us/industry/healthcare/ and http://youtu.be/EL7t0GUWigQ



Technology can help industries run faster, cleaner and more efficiently with less energy needed. Create solutions that find efficiencies for energy consumption while looking to develop innovative renewable energy. Produce more food with fewer resources and bring clean water to areas that do not have such access. How can we all live smarter?

Green Energy

With today’s advanced technology, how can renewable energy be harnessed for maximum usage with minimum waste? And how can we preserve or reduce consumption of natural resources? How can these solutions be accessed in all parts of the world?

Energy Efficiency

How can we create smart ways to reduce energy consumption by finding efficiencies with technology, communications, data and other analytical solutions?

Smarter Living

How can we all find ways to balance and optimize our daily needs with smarter solutions? How can we create more efficient homes, enabling smart food production, distribution of clean water, cleaner methods for urban areas. What solutions enable data capture that can be interpreted into useful and efficient actions applicable to an individual’s daily life?

For more on how Verizon facilitates technology to help industries run faster, cleaner, and better, Click Here http://www.verizon.com/powerfulanswers/solutions/sustainability/ and http://youtu.be/ZrhVcW32V8k



With Mobile Communications and Data Analysis technology advancements, Transportation problems can be more easily solved. Find solutions for the Smarter Automobile for safer, easier operation. Urban Sprawl continues to present traffic an environment issues and we now have a real opportunity to optimize logistical and distribution challenges to bring goods to those that need it first.

Smarter Driving

Can your Dashboard be smarter than your phone? How can you/your vehicle operate and communicate with the world around it to create safer, smarter solutions for transportation?

Urban Solutions

With an increasing global population, Urban Sprawl is creating traffic problems never before seen. How can technology and communications reduce traffic, waste and other hazardous conditions in Urban areas thus transforming them into cleaner more efficient habitats?


Connected devices, location based services, data analysis and other technology enablers can drastically improve the efficiencies of logistics and distribution. How can digital and mobile technologies better connect the physical world and help transport people/goods from point to point in the most efficient way possible?

For more on Verizon’s Transportation and Distribution solutions, Click Here http://www.verizonenterprise.com/us/industry/transportation/ and http://youtu.be/ZQ9OeqBtsws