Google Daydream View (2016)




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The Daydream View VR headset by Google is high-quality, virtual reality made simple. Just place your Pixel Phone by Google or other Daydream-ready phone* into the headset, and the VR mode launches automatically. Motion-sensing technology lets you swing a bat, wave a wand and race the tracks in your virtual reality. Explore games, movies, other worlds and more on Verizon's next gen network, with 50 percent faster peak speeds in cities nationwide.

Daydream View VR headset by Google, controller.

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41 Reviews

Forget the haters. Daydream is awesome!

TheNerdyMupton - 2 years ago

Got my Daydream View for free with my Pixel XL. Things to note: Yes, your phone will get very warm while using this, and yes it does eat up your battery pretty quickly. You have to understand that it is pushing the processor in your phone to its limits, which is actually pretty awesome. Apps and videos are coming, and giving this a poor review because it doesn't have a million apps at launch is unfair. It's new, give it time. But definitely try it out.

Best mobile VR experience by far

NChiker5 - 2 years ago

I preordered the Pixel XL and got the View when it first came out. I've used the Samsung Gear VR for a while now, and the Daydream View is already far better. It's very comfortable to wear and the Daydream Controller is amazing. Depending on the app, you can use it as a pointer, a magic wand, a gun, a baseball bat, a steering wheel or just about anything imaginable. To keep the phone from overheating, simply secure the phone in the headset with a rubber band and keep the front flap open (see pic for illustration). It will run for over two hours straight without overheating, until the battery drains too low to continue. That's plenty of time for a single VR session though. If you own a Daydream Ready phone, this is a must have.

justicesbeautiful - 9 months ago

I tried before in someone house I need to purchase these definitely for my home and my family.

taylorh256 - 9 months ago

This was amazing it was literally so life like it was incredible! I dont play with this often but more at family events! Yes it is very reliable!

adelyf - 9 months ago

My wife bought it . We dont usually some much but its really good , its so funny when our friends use it .

- 10 months ago

Super cool and excellent product. Its really fun and entertaining with variety of clips and videos to view