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Enjoy a truly user-friendly, in-car Moto Z experience with the Incipio Vehicle Dock. Designed for Moto Mods-enabled phones, this dock combines hands-free navigation and calling, audio integration and fast charging, all in one unit. Stay focused on the road using the simplified interface and easy-to-use voice commands of Android Auto.™*

Stay entertained.
Hear your favorite music, podcasts and more. The Incipio Vehicle Dock for Moto Z connects to your car's audio system using an AUX cable (sold separately).

Stay focused.
Android Auto's voice command function makes it easy for you to find your destination, control the music or reply to a message while staying on top of what's most important your driving.

Stay charged.
The Vehicle Dock for Moto Z supports up to 15W fast charging with a compatible vehicle power adapter (sold separately).

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Hock87 - 8 months ago

It is true the vent clip is garbage. I personally purchased a Steelie mount and attached it with that. Works perfect. Don't give up on it, this thing rocks.

Love it!

Brandoid - 9 months ago

I was worried about getting it at first due to reviews. It fits perfectly in my car (Honda Civic). Lots of people have been saying it doesn't fit on the vents well. If it didn't have a way to tighten the vent clamp I could see it being an issue. Phone snaps in and out of it easily. Android Auto app makes it all easy to use. Has a connection for USB Type C car charger and Aux cable.

Great first impression

Natural Jenius - 1 year ago

Just received dock today. Haven't used it yet, but my overall impression is good. Appears to be very well made. The purpose of this initial review is to inform previous reviewers, who were unhappy that dock didn't come with a suction cup mount, that there is a solution. My previous phone was the Droid X. I purchased the Griffin car dock for that model. The ball part of the suction cup will fit the cup part of this dock perfectly. Problem solved. I will update this review if necessary.

Great product!

DeRock86 - 2 years ago

Great concept brought to life! Quick and easy to place your phone on and take off. Charges your phone quickly and has an aux output for your stereo. Great product for hands free. Wish there was another way to attach other than a vent clip.

Just can't give 5

Some Nickname - 7 months ago

Love the moto-mod Hate it's only offered as vent mount. Can't use it in any of my vents without getting in the way or being too far away

Great dock but not in love with it for one reason

lobster34 - 7 months ago

This dock would get 5 star if it wasn't vent mount. I agree with the other reviews, I was on the fence on getting it because of that but overall am happy. In my car, it's hard to mount in the vents. It took multiple tries and choice words to get it so that it was stable in the vent but it's been over a week and I've had no issues since.