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Meet the next generation LG TONE PRO™ wireless headset. The latest TONE PRO delivers everything its younger brother does - superior audio quality over Bluetooth®, LG signature around-the-neck comfort, a sleek, premium, contoured design. And now, thanks to dual MEMS microphones, TONE PRO lets you experience exceptionally clear voice calling, too. Tone & Talk™ 2.0* is another new feature, allowing you to record voice memos and find paired devices. Textured accents and a high-gloss finish make the LG TONE PRO a true standout.

Ultra-fine Kevlar wires
The new wire design is low profile and specially made to accentuate the slim design of the next generation TONE PRO. Wires are constructed of tough, quality, lightweight Kevlar fibers for durability and performance.

Contoured for comfort and design
Stylish and easy to wear, the TONE PRO headset features an ergonomic design with a lightweight, sleek profile. Made to curve comfortably around the back of the neck, the TONE PRO provides a natural feel through all-day use.

Quad-Layer Speaker Technology™
Hear all the tones and nuances of your favorite tracks. Quad-Layer Speaker Technology provides a multi-layer audio experience with crisp treble, robust bass and less high-frequency distortion.

Dual MEMS microphones
The LG TONE PRO offers noise-canceling, dual MEMS microphones for clear calls even in noisy surroundings. Featuring echo cancellation and noise reduction, you can take your calls knowing that TONE PRO will deliver your voice clearly, whether you're catching a taxi on a busy avenue, shopping in the mall, or enjoying time with your kids at the amusement park.

Tone & Talk™ 2.0*
Tone & Talk 2.0* allows text reading over TONE PRO. It also incorporates Voice Memo for recording memos and Find Me for locating a paired device.

Qualcomm aptX™ compatible**
The refined, Quad-Layer Speaker Technology is coupled with Qualcomm aptX HD Audio Codec. Together, they deliver truly exceptional audio that faithfully reproduces the full audio bandwidth over Bluetooth.

Long-life battery
Designed for extended use, TONE PRO provides up to 10.5 hours of music time***, up to 16 hours of talk time*** and up to 30 days of standby time***. Charging time is less than two hours.

What's in the box?
One LG TONE PRO, Charger, Extra Ear Gels (Small and Large), User Manual, Warranty Card, and Quick Start Guide.

*Requires download from Google Play™ onto source device.
**Qualcomm aptX compatibility required on source device.
***Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network and signal strength.

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12 Reviews

Excellent Product

Danco - 5 years ago

I bought this product about a month ago, and I have had no problems; not charged since I bought them; used about 5 hours total; good battery standby. The sound is crisp and clear. I am highly satisfied.

Great headphones

Andre99 - 4 years ago

I read some of the reviews and I don't have the same experience I love them. These are my third set and all have been great. The sound quality is good for not Benning the high end model. I have the his end model as well. Personally if you want Bluetooth he these.

Great while it lasts...about 3 or 4 months!

Camp168 - 4 years ago

Bought the first pair in April 2016. They worked great until August 2016, when the left side volume dropped to about 20% of the right's. This was after unpairing and pairing with 3 separate devices...a Samsung Tab S2, an LG G3, and a Motorola Droid Maxx all to make sure it wasn't the headset! Verizon quickly sent me a replacement. Worked great until November 2016- last week. Again, left side audio volume about 20% of what's coming out of the right! Verizon is shipping another pair, but I think I'm done... Going to look at Bose or Plantronics.

Not real impressed

MKrag - 4 years ago

I'm on my second one in 7 months and have to send it in for a replacement. They're great at first but only last around 4 months. Not worth the hassle.

Miss the older models

Nickname already used1234 - 4 years ago

This model seems better in some aspects, they fit a little better around my neck and charging port is on the outside now so it's not as likely to get gross with sweat. But I feel the magnets aren't as strong, the wire that holds the ear buds is very thin, feels cheap. It also gets tangled more because it's thinner and the magnets aren't as strong so they fall. I work outside in Phoenix area, it's really hot. Seems during the hot parts of the day the audio cracks a lot. Not sure if its the headphones or my cell phone getting to hot. But i have used 3 other sets of lg headphones in the past without the audio cracking. Also if the ac vents are blowing on me while I'm driving the audio or call is so broken up its useless to me. Overall they are okay, I very much miss the older versions though.

Not for big hands

1lkydad - 5 years ago

Sounds pretty good, but I'm only comparing them to apples ear buds. I like the soft rubber tips and how they didn't hurt my ears after a 10 hour work shift. I was not pleased with the noise canceling it claims to have. As I tried to call from a fast food place and the other person couldn't understand - hear me at all. Ok...big hands...well I feel like I'm going to break the slider controls for volume and FF and REW. I think they would be ok if it was push button and not slide. Oh and apparently Apple and LG tone & talk have issues as the app hasn't worked for 49 other people either.