MOOV NOW 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Audio Coach




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Get the most out of your workout with the MOOV NOW™ 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Audio Coach. The second-generation successor to the MOOV fitness tracker, MOOV NOW provides real-time audio coaching to urge you along to better health and more productive workouts.

Hit the pavement running
Just strap the fitness wearable onto your wrist or ankle. Download the free MOOV NOW app to your compatible smartphone. Then, it's time to get moving.

More than just counting steps
Some trackers provide basic information, such as steps taken and calories burned. But MOOV NOW kicks it up a notch. The fitness tracker actively monitors your exact movement and analyzes it, then speaks instructions suggesting how to, for example, improve your workout or correct your form. And, of course, it tracks your progress as well as your sleep. MOOV's Omni Motion sensor uses three times the sensors used in basic fitness trackers, allowing it to track your motion in 3D.

Different programs for different activities
MOOV NOW provides free guided programs via the MOOV NOW app. Sports to pick from include running, cycling, swimming, body weight training and cardio boxing. There are more than ten workout programs from which to choose, with more than 200 levels and variations, plus more to come. Every exercise is a unique experience designed by experts.

Long-lasting battery, no need to recharge
Instead of a battery that needs to be recharged every day, MOOV NOW is powered by a standard watch battery that lasts for up to six months. Result: MOOV NOW is ready to go when you are.

Made for your active life
Suited to activity, the tracker is waterproof* and has a lightweight, breathable band.

What's in the box
One MOOV NOW core with included CR2032 battery, one small (wrist) band, one large (ankle) band, user manual and a battery tool opener.

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