Native Union CLIC Air Case for iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro




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Protect your phone from drops, bumps and dings with the CLIC Air Case for iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro. This super-slim case with a translucent finish enhances the design of your device and is almost invisible. The subtly textured surface provides extra grip to help keep hold of your phone. Antibacterial agents ward off up to 99% of common bacteria and germs. And, it's wireless and MagSafe charging compatible.

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5 Reviews

Super thin and maintains beauty of iPhone 12

Naniek K. - 1 month ago

+ smooth look + really thin + maintains the look of iPhone 12, since it is partly see-through + great grip - can maybe be a little tighter on the sides. This way less dust comes in between cover and phone

Still love the case even though not child proof

Amber K. - 2 months ago

It is a slim case and smooth to touch. I really liked how skin like it is and fits tight. But because it is thin you’re not going to have good protection if the phone drops. I already have a corner chip in the case since my ninja son grabbed for my phone when my back was turned. But I still like the case. And I like that it shows my phones color in a blurred way.


John K. - 3 months ago

Packaging it arrived in was great! Awesome minimal case! Not slippery and keeps the original size.

Nice but eh.

Mario G. - 6 months ago

This case definitely adds a clean & simple element to ones iPhone. And though it may only be for aesthetics, 2 things that disappointed me were • The case isn’t colored as Clear. More of a frosted color instead, that des Not look clear on the Pacific Blue iPhone — thus the tactical use of the Silver and Graphite iPhone in the images. •The case is so slim that the perimeter of the whole thing is rather flimsy. This creates the issue, when removing from a pocket or bag, that the lip of the perimeter moves and allows debris to enter the sides of the phone. (Annoying when you’re trying to avoid marks and scratches on the steel band). *Purchased both the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max sizes*

I dropped my phone about

Triston G. - 1 month ago

I dropped my phone about three feet onto a linoleum floor and it cracked the side after only having the case for about a month. Fairly disappointing seeing as the mid price point.