Native Union CLIC Canvas Case for iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro




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Protect your phone from drops, bumps and dings with the CLIC Canvas Case for iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro. This slim, lightweight case is crafted with premium hard-wearing textiles that feel great in your hand. Raised edges provide extra protection for your screen and camera. And, it's MagSafe charging compatible, allowing for easy alignment with your MagSafe charger.



7 Reviews

Unique and stylish

Sonia F. - 1 month ago

Very stylish! Love ❤️ the look and feel of this case on my iPhone 12! Very unique...I get a lot of compliments!

My 3rd Gen of this case and I love it

Dean O. - 6 months ago

These cases look fantastic and protect the phone so well - they've been essential for my last 3 iphones!

iPhone 12 case

Dean M. - 6 months ago

Brilliant case. The perfect fit. Great protection. Looks synonymous with the phone. Another great product!

Beste Hülle überhaupt!

Linus S. - 8 months ago

Sehr gut verarbeitetes Material. Sehr schönes Design. Einfach Top!

The bottom is open

Rodrigo C. - 7 months ago

The under part of the case is open because of that the phone could breaks or scratched when falling down to the floor or with the keys or another sharpened material. In the other hand the protective case is very soft and well finished. Fits perfect on the hand and keep the special properties the iPhone 12 Pro has, like the straight edges.

Beautifully Designed. Disappointed Overall.

Armando G. - 7 months ago

I've long used the Clic Canvas for my iPhone 8 and XS. When I upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro, I immediately purchased the Clinc Canvas as soon as it went on pre-order. Received my order today and I was appalled to find the case does not completely cover the bottom edge of the phone. Additionally, the lip is not as deep as previous versions, so there is not as much space between a flat surface and the phone's screen when laying face down. I am not confident this new iteration of the Clic Canvas will adequately protect my iPhone 12 as trusty versions have previously done. It's such a pity because it is otherwise a beautifully crafted case.