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Designed for the fitness–minded, the Samsung Gear IconX headset is a superior audio solution that's lightweight, totally cable–free and incorporates a built–in biometric, fitness tracker. The earbuds fit comfortably and securely in your ear and stay put even as you walk, jog and jump around.

Choose to leave your phone* at home, and get lost in your music as you listen to tunes saved to the built-in 4GB† music player. Or, take your phone with you and stream your music via Bluetooth® as you push yourself towards your next athletic milestone. Use the tracker to monitor your activity and receive voice reporting through the headset regarding, for example, the distance you've traveled and your heart rate‡ as you workout.

Cable-free design, secure in-ear fit.
The tangle-free stabilizing gels keep each earbud comfortably in place.

Outstanding audio experience.
Gear IconX delivers a superior audio experience. Push on to your next milestone with your favorite tunes to keep you going. Store up to 1,000 songs locally§ so you can forget your phone at home. Or, stream your favorite music from your compatible phone via Bluetooth. Engage Ambient Sound Mode to let in outside sound so you remain aware of your surroundings.

Easy-touch music and call management.
A swipe or tap or two or three to the side of the headset is all it takes to advance, play and control your music and calls.

Stay on track.
Pair the headset to your device to share your workout data with compatible fitness apps¹. Engage friends in workout challenges or step competitions.

Battery life, convenient charging.
Providing plenty of power for the typical workout and beyond, the earbuds each house a built-in 47mAh Li-Ion battery for over 3.5 hours of music to help keep you going². An included case, which doubles as a charger, makes it easy to restore power to your Gear IconX while on the go. Just pop the earbuds into the case to get an additional 7.6 hours of battery power. The case provides two full charges before it needs to be recharged.

One Gear IconX, Charging Case, USB Cable, USB to Micro USB Connector, Wingtips (S, M, L), Eartips (S, M, L) and Quick Start Guide.

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4 Reviews

Absolutely awesome!

Tbag4uc - 4 years ago

I have only had my Iconx for a day, but it was long enough to make me write a review about how great these truly are. Setup was quick and easy. Functions and controls are very responsive and easy to navigate. Sound quality is superb!! I'm a very satisfied customer. Samsung has done it again!

I love it!!!

Christy G - 4 years ago

I have everything Samsung and as usual, very satisfied!

GREAT still needed

MEllis0228 - 4 years ago

Returned within 2 weeks after buying. Battery life is horrible, 1 1/2 hrs at best and that is on the primary speaker. The other speaker will still have battery life but will not function because they both have to be paired to work. You can only use one speaker to receive/make phone calls (primary speaker) which is ridiculous. Not to mention it is nearly impossible right now to download the required firmware to update the speakers. The sound quality is not loud or crisp at all compared to other Bluetooth headsets (Bose Sport). I tried these while riding my motorcycle (full face mask) and I could barely hear the music, GPS voice or phone calls. The water proof feature is suspect as well as I live in the gym and as soon as these got sweaty connectivity became nearly nonexistent. This is a great concept but further work is definitely needed in order to make this a GREAT product.

Overpriced Trash

Pat319 - 4 years ago

The idea of wireless earbuds is so groundbreaking... but these particular ones are just awful. After you break them in maybe a couple weeks you'll notice the battery life expectancy is about 45 to an hour (Tops). Not even a month into using them everyday for work the left earbud speaker blew out limiting me to One right earbud and then the capsule that charges them only one side would charge it. (The carrying case is how you charge them). Really cool features like being able to take calls, play or pause music by a single tap on the side, swiping up on the earbuds to turn up or down the volume. They just didn't stand the test of time & for the cost of them they absolutely should. Never had a problem with them falling out just a longevity problem