Verizon USB Type-C Wall Charger with Fast Charge Technology




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You’ll always know the status of your charge, because the LED indicator illuminates when charging and turns off when the device is fully charged. Use the Verizon USB–C Wall Charger with most devices that have USB–C ports. The charger supports USB 2.0 Power Delivery, which maximizes existing USB functionality by providing more power to compatible devices. The foldable AC prongs and detachable USB–C to USB–C cable make this charger perfect for both travel and storage. And the six-foot cable is twice the length of standard cables, making outlet access easier. Consider getting one for home, office and travel so you’ll always be close to a quick charge. (Included cable is USB 2.0 compliant).

What is USB Type-C?
USB Type-C is positioned to become a universal standard, replacing and doing all the work of USB connections that came before it. USB Type-C is backward compatible (adapters sold separately and available at Verizon).

How do I know which USB charger or cable to purchase?
Trying to visually determine the correct USB connector may result in error. To ensure the correct USB connector is selected, please consult your device's online or hard copy user manual. If you need a cable to join a USB Type-C device and a non-USB-Type-C peripheral, also determine the port type of the peripheral device. Verizon sells backward compatible USB Type-C cables and chargers separately.

What's in the box
One Verizon Wall Charger with Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology for USB Type-C.

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Works great

Tall Ninja - 1 year ago

Bought this the other day because I lost my oem charger for my Asus zenpad Z8S this charger works quick I charge my tablet and from 30%-100% takes less than an hour

Charges Fast

Jason - 2 years ago

I needed to replace the charger that came with my phone so I picked this up.The charger and cable work great and seem to be a good quality, I like the folding prongs. .

Poor quality - Does not last

NativeTX - 1 year ago

I have the OEM charger at work at bought the VZW version when purchasing my phone (2/2017). I use the VZW to charge my phone overnight and the OEM charger while at work. The OEM continues to work flawlessly, but the VZW version's connection is no longer making a decent connection to the phone and my phone charges erratically (in and out). If possible find another replacement charger or be prepared to purchase another one within a year,especially if used regularly.


nofxroxx - 1 year ago

I can't even tell you how many of these darn things I went through in the last TWO years. They break about once every 3 months (my average) I don't do anything crazy to them. It stays plugged in by my bed and does not move from that spot. I mean, it did charge my phone very fast but it was just annoying replacing them so often. I do like the light that is on the end of the plug in part...helps me plug my phone in easier in a dark room. At least Verizon replaces them without hesitation most of the time but still...they should really consider taking a hard look at this product and re-vamp it. I bought an Iphone yesterday so hopefully that situation will be taken care of.

Not as fast as Motorola TurboPower 30 charger

Android Junkie - 1 year ago

I tried this charger with my Moto Z Force Droid. It works ok, but doesn't charge nearly as fast as the Motorola TurboPower 30 charger that comes with the phone. Also, the quality doesn't seem as good as the original equipment.

Horrible Charger

Brian - 1 year ago

Others say they lasted a month, mine lasted 2 charges. First time, I charged for over an hour on my Note 8 when it was at 3%. When I was done it was sitting at 39% when a normal charge would've brought it to at least 70%. Second time, it failed on me within 5 minutes. The only good thing about this product is that the returns are quick and easy.