ZAGG InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ Screen Protection for Galaxy Watch3 - 41mm



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Protect the screen of your smartwatch with the InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ Screen Protection for Galaxy Watch3 - 41mm. Flexible hybrid glass and military-grade components work together for extreme impact and scratch protection. Oil-resistant technology prevents smudges from fingerprints. And, embedded antibacterial technology kills up to 99.99% of common surface bacteria so your smartwatch stays clean.*

Easy application.
The included Applicator Tool makes it easy to install your screen protector without any bubbles or bumps.

*Antibacterial technology is applied to the screen protector; it does not directly protect the user from any exposure to bacteria or provide additional health benefits. InvisibleShield screen protection tested by 3rd party against E. coli and staph.



5 Reviews


of reviewers recommend this product.

Amazing replacement for Apple Watch

Girlygirl5789 - 4 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I’ve been having problems with my Apple Watch for a while now so I decided to try something new. I got this watch as a replacement for my Apple Watch and I have had zero problems with connectivity between my iPhone 12 and the Samsung watch. The battery on this watch is not only longer lasting but requires less time to charge up. I also have better quality service for texting and calling between the watch and my iPhone. A problem I always had with my Iwatch was texts not being delivered and calls not being answered; a problem that doesn’t exist with the Samsung watch. If anyone else had the same problems as me with the battery not lasting a full day or connection problems between the iPhone and the iwatch the Samsung galaxy watch 3 is a great replacement if not better than the iwatch.

I love the features

Lorie - 4 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I bought the watch a few weeks ago and I love it I would recommend this watch

Good fit

Mzcree1 - 4 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Its a must when getting a smart watch and I'm glad I got it to protect my watch face

Great features easy to transfer and set up your watch.

Denpar - 4 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago, really love my new watch. Only thing I can say I didn't like was the band it came with it was to small, and it only came with one band, where as my other Verizon Samsung watch came with 2 bands.

The battery last less than 5 hours not being able to set the plan alway show an error

JACKIE - 4 days ago

Very disappointed on this expensive device