ZAGG InvisibleShield Ultra VisionGuard Screen Protector for Galaxy Note10+/Note10+ 5G




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Accentuate the vibrant colors and crisp imagery of your Samsung Galaxy Note10+/Note10+ 5G with the InvisibleShield® Ultra Visionguard Screen Protector. The Ultra Visionguard doesn't just safeguard your eyes from digital eye strain, but it protects your device from accidental drops, dings and scratches. And an improved glass-like surface keeps that high-gloss look and feel just like your smartphone's screen.

Comprehensive protection.
Defend against impact and shatter damage with edge-to-edge display protection. Self-healing Nano-Memory Technology™ heals minor scratches and dings to help keep your display looking like new.

Touch, tap and swipe sensitive.
InvisbileShield Ultra Visionguard won't impede your phone's responsiveness. Advanced touch sensitivity means your smartphone will respond immediately to every tap and swipe.

Protect against digital eye strain.
The Eyesafe® layer filters out high-energy visible (HEV) blue light to help safeguard your eyes from unwanted eye strain.

Easy Application.
The included Applicator Tool makes it easy to install your screen protector without any bubbles or bumps.

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karlieeryn324 - 10 months ago

Zagg is my favorite screen protector brand because they have a lifetime warranty on them!


Wendy - 5 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I've had my screen protector for about two weeks and it has given me a since of security, since I just had to have my glass fixed from dropping it.

shelbygb5e0 - 3 months ago

Screen is sturdy and holds up well against most of my daily falls. My only issue lies with the edge screen phones- if you buy a case to put on it, the screen tends to lift on the edges because it doesn't fit quite right with phone cases around it.

Read the instructions!

Rancher6 - 7 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

The actual protector is very thin and initially covered with a thicker transfer film that needs to be removed. You'll have the impression that it shouldn't be removed but it's actually the last step of the installation process. Gently peel it up from one of the corners; slowly to convince yourself that it's supposed to come off. The massive number of bubbles will disappear in about 24 hours. Smooth them out per instructions and be patient for 24 hours. I didn't give it 5 stars only because my stylus doesn't glide over the surface as smoothly as it would over glass but I'll get used to it.

Works well.

Heidi - 5 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

This protector seems to work well and the I've seen the self healing quality work. The texture is smooth. The only thing I hate is it seems to hold the oils from skin so I feel like I'm constantly cleaning my screen. The application took a while but all the bubbles came out. I was disappointed Verizon will no longer apply the protector but it is understandable due to covid.

freckles_asl0587 - 10 months ago

I have this on my Galaxy note 10+. Here are the pros and cons and why I don't like this. Pros: From Zagg so i was able to register it and if it lifts then i can get a replacement Have a blue light filter so it helps with eye fatigue. Has some technology in it that helps protect the film from gauges and "repairs" it. Cons: This is a film and not a glass screen. (Less protection) It started lifting after 1 month being on my phone (around the edges) Can't change or remove my phone case cause it will lift even more Shows fingerprints and smudges easily Hard to keep print/smudge free Gets micro scratches quickly and no way to buff them out (got them within 3 wks of getting my phone on Jan 2) I really had to think long and hard to come up with the pros past the blue light filter which is great protection for myself and. My husband, who wears glasses and is always on his phone.