LG Enact

This device is no longer available for purchase.

Quick, easy and ready to keep up with your busy life. That's the Enact™by LG. Whether you're a smartphone newbie or pro, you'll enjoy smart features including a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with shortcuts to complete tasks quickly, robust battery life and great apps for editing photos and videos.


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I was a Smart Phone Virgin~

FairyKat - 6 years ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I finally got with the times and got my 1st smart phone, for Free of course! Not having anything to compare this phone to, I gave it 4 stars with the exception of Features which got 5 due to the slide out QWERTY keyboard. I really like typing on those rather than the virtual keyboard on the display, which always feels like the keys are too small and therefore I make too many mistkes and get annoyed (get the joke?, but I actually did accidentally misspell that word On My Computer Keyboard... Good Lord!)! Anyway... I am the kind of person who never picks up instructions or a manual unless I have No other choice. At 55 years old, I've had my share of needing to learn computers and different software, assembling things, etc., so even with FibroFog (from fibromyalgia=serious chronic pain!# I was able to figure out most everything I think I need to have available to me. The camera takes good pix, but I do have a Real camera that I really love. I text quite a bit, and I do like the idea that I can take a picture and immediately email it without having to download it first. What drives me crazy is when I accidently touch something on the screen and I've completely lost what I was working on #ie: typing an email to go with the picture I'd just taken and POOF, it was gone, said it was in drafts... where the heck is drafts, I could not find it anywhere, on any device in the draft folder, and I can't find any folders on my phone except the inbox!#. Read the manual...? If there are other features that I don't know about, then I don't know about them so I must not need them... does that make sense #if it does, you may be as scary as I am!)? So, basically, I am very happy with this phone! I am homebound so I rarely use my phone, using my computer much more frequently. My only issue is finding a regular Bluetooth, or finding a good selection of them, here or Amazon. Mostly I see over the head ones made for music more than simple talking, but it's no biggie since I don't talk on this phone a whole lot. In any case, I have a phone that I am quite happy with and it will easily take me through the next 2 years. And when it's time to renew my contract I'll get another new Free phone... ya gotta love that!

Enact is a decent step up from Enlighten

jpalmer20 - 6 years ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I had an LG Enlighten before, and the LG Enact is a nice, logical successor. I still have the physical keyboard (a definite plus!). The keys seem a shade bigger, and the symbols are laid out a little differently, but I am slowly adjusting. The camera quality is superb. It is far better than the Enact was in that respect.