Advice on setting up kids’ chores

What you need to know about chores from knowledgeable moms and dads.

By: The Family Money Team


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The Verizon Family Money team has some tips to give you a head start.It is easy for parents to set up chores for the whole family!

  • First, navigate to the {blue cross button} in the Chore section to assign chores for kids
  • Next, select a New Chore and decide on the amount
  • Tap + or – to step up the amount or enter the amount with the keyboard.
  • Chores must be set above $0.00
  • Now choose which child or children are expected to complete the chore
  • Add the name of the chore and a short description
  • To add additional chores, tap Next and then Assign Chore
  • If you wish to approve the chore prior to the money being sent to your child’s card, select Approval Required.

Family Money makes it easy to track chores. Parents can add a note while making a chore, and any time you send the chore back to your child. It’s a great way to set expectations, answer questions, and let kids know what they still need to do to complete the task.

How young is too young?

Children as young as 3 years old can start doing chores, which may come as a big surprise to parents who may think preschoolers just tend to make messes. But it’s absolutely true, young children can help with chores as long as the chores are age-appropriate.

Children can begin doing simple tasks like cleaning up their toys, putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, and performing other tasks with a parent working right alongside them. When children are very young, resist the urge to “fix” their work later. Instead, help little ones do it themselves. It is a great way to teach children to pick up after themselves and prepare them for more responsibilities when they get older.  The good news for parents with older kids, is it is never too late to assign chores. Children are already experiencing them at school–it’s okay to assign tasks even if they never had any previously.

How much are chores worth nowadays?

Just like adults, pay depends on the job, experience level, and where you live. Some parents may choose to negotiate prices with their kids and layout your expectations of a job well done. A good tip is to talk to other parents, especially if your kids are the same age or friends. Try to make chores fair for the kids, even though life always isn’t.

How can parents get children to do chores (especially without pay)?

Parents may have more leverage than they expect. If kids believe they are too busy for chores, parents may suggest that perhaps they are also too busy for TV, texting, movies, or video games. If parents must complete their children’s chores, it may be explained to the child that  there’s less time for Mom and Dad  to drive the kids to meet friends, pick up something special from the store, or make a favorite dessert.

Some families have everyone do chores at the same time (including adults) which is a great way to fight slacking and peer pressure.

A good tip is to tie chores to kids’ interests although, this might not work best with taking out the trash!

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