Security tips from the Verizon Family Money Team

Start them off right with these simple ways to keep their very first card safe.

By: The Family Money Team


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Tips to help your kids* protect their Spend Card.

  • Help your child understand that it is important to keep the Spend Card safe at all times
  • Make sure the Spend Card remains within arm's reach if you take it out of the house
  • Keep it in the same place all the time, so it is easy to know if it’s missing
  • Do not ever share the card with friends
  • Never give the card or card information to anyone you don’t know and trust
  • Save receipts for all purchases made with the Spend Card
  • Set a PIN that’s easy to memorize, but hard to guess (don’t use something like a birthday or zip-code)
  • If you write down the PIN, keep it in a safe place (never with the card)

Help your child understand how to be extra cautious when buying online or on the phone

  • Never give card information to someone you don’t know who calls you.
  • Be sure not to send card information in an email. Period.
  • Avoid buying anything using public Wi-Fi because the card information could be compromised.
  • Never buy anything online without knowing the site is secure (Look for https:// in the web address).

Make sure your child knows that you need to report fraud and lost or stolen cards immediately!

  • At the time of enrollment, parents should read through the Family Money Prepaid Visa®Card Holder Agreement which they must accept in order to join Family Money.
  • Parents should review the spending history to see if there’s any unrecognized activity.
  • Explain to your children the importance of telling you about a lost or misplaced card.
  • Parents should report potential unauthorized purchases made from a lost or stolen card.

If the Spend Card is missing, use this experience as a learning opportunity for your child.

  1. Show the child how to lock the card right away.

    a. Open the Family Money app

    b. Navigate to Settings

    c. Switch on Lock Card

  2. Help search for the card in pockets, backpack, etc.

  3. Check at the last place the card was used.

  4. Call Family Money Account Services at  833.635.6298.

Once the card is locked an automatic message is sent to parents

If the card is located before calling Account Services, review with the child how to turn the Lock Card feature off and reactivate the Spend Card

*Kids must be at least 8 years of age to enroll in Family Money

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