Mix & Match Bill FAQs

Thanks for choosing a mix and match plan on Fios! Here is a little more information to guide you through your bill.

With our mix & match plans, your Fios bill has never been simpler

With mix & match plans, we want to make sure there are no surprises on your Fios bill. We know that added fees -- such as Broadcast Fees and Regional Sports Network Fees – have been a source of frustration. Mix & match gives you price transparency so you’ll know what to expect on your bill.

You’ll be charged for your Fios products and services, plus sales tax (which varies by market.)
Rate Details
Addtional information about the price of you fios services
Equipment and any government fees paid on your behalf is
below and many include partial month charges
The Most Fios Tv-Base package                                      89.74
Illustrative surcharge                                                           0.26
Rate Total                                                                                  90.00

There are still some surcharges required by your local government or franchise authority.

These are included in your retail price, so they won’t change the amount you pay for your products and services. These charges vary by the services you have and your market, and are shown in the Details section of your bill (usually on page 4.)

Although we won’t add extra recurring fees or surcharges to your rates for Fios products and services, you may have one-time charges on your bill for:

  • Things you order (like Video on Demand or Pay Per View)
  • Things you initiate (like partial-month charges for a service upgrade)
  • Actions associated with your account (like late payment or unreturned equipment charges.)

These one-time charges should only impact your bill in the months where they are triggered.