Relevant TV Advertising

What is Relevant TV Advertising?

The Verizon Relevant TV Advertising program helps advertisers reach Fios TV customers with advertisements about products and services they may find more interesting and useful to them.

What information will Verizon use to make advertisements more relevant to me?

We help advertisers determine groups of homes with similar household profiles. The information we use includes demographic and interest information (such as gender, family size, luxury car owner, etc.) obtained from other companies, your address, and information about your use of Verizon products and services (such as service packages, router connections, TV and video purchases, and program viewing data). The program may also use information provided by advertisers and adverting partners.

Is any of my personal information shared?

No. We do not share information that identifies you personally as part of this program other than with vendors and partners who do work for us. We require that these vendors and partners protect the information and use it only for the services they are providing us.

How will I see Relevant TV Advertising?

You’ll see ads in the same way you see them today; however, some of the ads may be more relevant to you. The TV commercials delivered to your home could be different from the commercials that other customers see on Fios TV. This program will not change the number of ads you see on Fios TV. The ads may appear on a variety of platforms where you access Fios TV content.

Can I choose not to participate in Relevant TV Advertising?

Yes, you can choose not to participate at any time. Go to the Services area of My Verizon, click on TV, then select the Manage TV Advertising Preferences link within My TV Service.