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I can’t access My Verizon Web site Features

From the My Verizon Web site, you can pay your bill online, access your Verizon Online Email, add or change your Verizon Internet services and more. If you are a new customer and are having issue accessing My Verizon features, you might be a "limited access" customer and need to verify your account before you have full access to all My Verizon features.


By default, all new Verizon Online customers with a phone service (FiOS Digital Voice, Standard Landline Plan, or Verizon Wireless) have “limited access” to My Verizon features. Note: If you only have Verizon Online Internet service and/or FiOS TV service only (without landline or wireless phone service) you automatically have full-access to My Verizon features.

According to an FCC mandate, Verizon requires all new customers to authenticate their My Verizon account by entering a temporary PIN. The temporary PIN lets us know that your account belongs to you. After you enter the temporary PIN, you’ll have “full-access” to all My Verizon features.

How do I know if I have a “limited access” My Verizon account?

When you login to My Verizon, you’ll see a PIN Request page. By default, all new Verizon Online customers with a phone service (FiOS Digital Voice, Standard Landline Plan, or Verizon Wireless) have “limited access” to My Verizon features, including View Bill and Change Internet Services link.

Convert from a “limited access” to “full-access” My Verizon account

  1. Login to My Verizon. The PIN Request page opens.
  2. Under Send me a Temporary PIN, select to have your PIN sent to your Verizon Online Home Phone or your home address via mail. PIN numbers are only sent to land-line phones at this time. However, if you subscribed to ONE-BILL, you can receive your temporary PIN via a text message.
    • If you select Phone call, be sure you are near your Verizon Home Phone to receive the automated call with your PIN. Receiving your PIN by phone is the fastest; it may take a several business days by mail.
    • If you sent the request to your Verizon Home phone and you are not home, the automatic dialer leaves a message with your temporary PIN number on your Home Voice Mail. Follow steps for accessing your Home Voice Mail away from home.
  3. Next to Enter Temporary PIN, select the radio button and enter your temporary PIN and click Next.
I’m having trouble with my PIN

Follow these tips to successfully request and submit your temporary PIN:
  • If you entered your temporary PIN and it did not work, the temporary PIN may have expired. A PIN sent via your landline phone expires in 7 days. A PIN sent via US Mail expires in 30 days. To request a new PIN, visit My Verizon and request a new temporary PIN.
  • If you continue to have trouble with your PIN, contact us for additional help.

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