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 Entering a name for your home network
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Creating a wireless network with a Verizon 9100EM router in Windows XP

  1. Click Basic Security Settings in the left navigation panel.

Figure depicting SSID field

  1. Confirm that On is selected in the Wireless field to turn on the wireless features of your router. [Show Me]

  2. If you're creating a new home network, it's recommended that you use the default SSID assigned by Verizon and displayed in the SSID field. This simplifies network installation and makes troubleshooting easier. Since each router has its own assigned SSID, there isn't a loss of security by keeping the default value.

    • The default SSID is displayed on the label attached to the bottom of your router for easy reference.
    • All hardware attached to your home network must be assigned the same SSID.

    If you're replacing the router on an established home network, you may want to change the default SSID to that of your previous network. This eliminates the need to change the SSID on all the wireless network adapters used to connect additional computers.

    • If you change the SSID, it's important that you write it down for future reference. All hardware connected to your home network must use the same SSID.

  3. Leave the default of Automatic in the Channel field.
  4. [Show Me]


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