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In order to change your settings to port 465 in Outlook, you must do the following:
  1. Open your Outlook, select the Tools menu and from the drop-down list select Account Settings.
    Tool Out 1

  2. The Account Settings window will open displaying the Email tab. Click to highlight your Verizon account and then select Change.
    Acct Set 2

  3. From the Change Email Settings screen, select More Settings from the lower right-hand portion of the window.
    SMPT Settings

  4. From the Internet Email Settings window, select the Advanced tab.

  5. From the Advanced tab, review the area underneath Server Port Numbers. In the Outgoing server (SMTP) field enter the number: 465.

    Once you are finished, select OK.

    More Settings
After you have completed the above steps for Outlook, you will be configured to use port 465 to send email with much greater safety and protection from spam and viruses.
Privacy SettingsAccept CookiesAccept Cookies Tool Out 1Acct Set 2More settings 3More 3SMTP 4Outgoing Server SettingsOutgoing Server 4
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