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 Changing your Actiontec GT704WG gateway password
  1. To log in to the Actiontec GT704WG gateway, open up a Web browser window (using Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) on a computer that is connected to your local network and enter in the Address field of the browser.

  2. Router Address

  3. Enter your current user name in the User Name field and enter your password in the Password field. Click OK.

  4. If you don't remember your user name and password, please try "admin" for the User Name and "password" for the Password (don't enter the quotation marks). If you are able to log in, go to Step 6.
  5. Login Screen

  6. If "admin" and "password" don't work as the User Name and Password, it is very likely that at least the password for your Actiontec GT704WG gateway has been changed to a unique password and no further action is required. However, to be certain that the gateway is protected by a strong password or if you want to change the password to something you know so you can access the router in the future, please refer to the instructions for resetting your gateway password.
    • Warning: If you reset your Actiontec GT704WG to the factory default settings, all wireless home networking settings will also be reset to the default values, and you will have to re-configure all devices on your network

  7. After the router is reset, connect to the gateway again (see Step 1), and enter "admin" for the User Name and "password" for the Password to log in and click OK.

  8. Click Next below to enter your new gateway password.

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