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VersaLink 7500 Troubleshooting Summary Chart Use the diagnostic LED lights on your Westell VersaLink 7500 gateway and the chart below to troubleshoot connection issues.

LED State Description
POWER Solid GreenRouter power is ON.
OFFRouter power is OFF.
Solid Red POST (Power On Self Test), Failure (not bootable) or Device Malfunction. Note: The Power LED should be red no longer than two seconds after the power on self test passes.
E1, E2, E3, E4
(Ethernet LAN)
Solid Green Powered device is connected to the associated port (includes devices with wake-on LAN capability where slight voltage is supplied to an Ethernet connection). Note: When using the optional uplink port (E1), Ethernet LAN connection is limited to E2, E3, and E4.
Flashing Green 10/100 Base-T LAN activity is present (traffic in either direction)
OFFRouter power is OFF, no cable or no powered device is connected to the associated port.
Solid GreenLink Established.
WIRELESS Flashing GreenWireless LAN activity is present (traffic in either direction).
OFF Router power is OFF or No Link.
Solid Green USB link established.
USB Flashing GreenUSB LAN activity present (traffic in either direction).
OFFNo USB link established.
Solid Green Good DSL link.
DSL Flashing GreenDSL attempting to sync.
Solid AmberModem is in safe boot mode.
OFFRouter power is OFF.
Solid Green Internet link established. With DSL up, the Router has a WAN IP address from IPCP or DHCP; or a static IP is configured; or PPP negotiation has successfully completed (if used) and no traffic is detected.
INTERNET Flashing Green IP connection established and IP Traffic is passing through device (in either direction). Note: If the IP or PPP session is dropped due to an idle timeout, the light will remain solid green, if an ADSL connection is still present. If the session is dropped for any other reason, the light is turned OFF. The light will turn red when it attempts to reconnect and DHCP or PPP fails).
Solid Red Device attempted to become IP connected and failed (no DHCP response, no PPP response, PPP authentication failed, no IP address from IPCP, etc.).
OFFRouter power is OFF, Router is in Bridge Mode, or the ADSL connection is not present.

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