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  • Making Changes to Your Service Add or modify existing service You can add or change phone features on your existing services on the Verizon Web site.

    To change your local service plan, contact Verizon.
    Change your billing address You can change your billing address online by visiting the Profile Settings tab in My Verizon and selecting Change Billing Address under Residential Billing Information.

    Note: Your billing address is where your telephone bill is sent and may not necessarily be the same address where you have your telephone service. You can change your billing address without changing your telephone service address.
    Order new service Contact Verizon at least five business days before your move-in date for new service.

    At the time your order is placed every effort will be made to accommodate your request to the nearest available due date.

    You can order new service online.
    Correct your account name To change the name on your account, contact Verizon with your request.

    Please have the following information available when you call:
    • Telephone number in question
    • Current account name and billing address
    • Corrected account name

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