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  • New to Fios Digital Voice? Fios® Digital Voice is an advanced voice service on Verizon's 100% fiber-optic network. It has enhanced calling features that give you control and flexibility when making and receiving calls. You can manage your calling features and your calls from any computer with an Internet connection, by using the online Account Manager.

    • 10-Digit Dialing To make a call using Fios Digital Voice, you must dial the area code and the seven digit number for all of your calls.

    • Installation Voice Transition occurs between 3AM - 8AM. Dial tone may be lost for a few minutes during the transition. Please Note Home alarms system may be triggered during this disruption in service. Please notify your home alarm provider prior to installation.

    • Home Alarm If you have a home alarm connected to your phone,you must ensure that your alarm is set for 10-digit dialing if you live in a 7-digit dialing area.

    • Call Restrictions You cannot receive Collect or third Party Calls, and you cannot place 900 calls using Fios Digital Voice. Customers in (MA, MD, NJ, RI & VA) will incure a cost for directory assistance calls.

    • Voice Mail Access Number 1.888.2FIOSVM (1.888.234.6786). Note: Beginning January 1, 2016, Fios Digital Voice Customers in CA, FL and TX, your Access Number is 1.844.387.5200.

    • Battery Back Up In case of a power outage, Fios Digital Voice will operate on battery back up for approximately 8 hours if an active battery is inserted in the Battery Backup Unit. NOTE: You are responsible for providing the electrical power necessary for the service to function.

    • Voice Mail Messages If you are migrating from Verizon residential service to Fios Digital Voice, the voice mail messages from your old mailbox will not be saved. You will also have to set up a new greeting message.

    • Voice Mail Password When you set up your voice mail, your password is typically the last four digits of your home telephone number. If you ever forget your password, you can reset it online.

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