Parental and Purchase Controls

Parental Controls allows you to:

  • Use ratings to block what content can be viewed
  • Use age preferences to block content for a particular age group
  • Control the display of programming and information
  • Block specific channels

Purchase Controls allow you to:

  • Set up and PIN to prevent unwanted purchases through your set-top box
Setting up Parental and Purchase Controls

Setting up Parental and/or Purchase Controls is easy. You can always make changes if you need to adjust your settings later. Below are the different ways in which you can set up controls:

  • To set up Parental and/or Purchase Controls using your Fios TV remote control press:
    • Menu Settings System Parental/Purchase Controls > Follow the TV prompts to create your PIN

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  • To set up Parental Controls with the Fios TV Mobile app select:
    • Settings > PreferencesParental Control > Set Parental PIN

Don’t have the Fios TV Mobile app?


  • In the app, only Parental Controls can be managed, not Purchase Controls
  • Each STB and eligible device must be set up for Parental/Purchase controls
  • You can use the same PIN number on multiple devices and for both Parental and Purchase settings.

Frequently asked questions
Looking to setup parental controls on your Fios TV? Follow these steps!
  • 1
    Press Menu on your Fios remote.
  • 2
    Select Settings, then System, then Parental/Purchase Controls
  • 3
    Follow the TV prompts to create your PIN