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Business Preferred

White Glove Service
Now your business can get all the perks of a premium package of services, features and benefits that address your customer service needs. With the new Business Preferred service you'll get white glove treatment!

Move to the front of the line.

Business Preferred allows your calls to Verizon to be prioritized. You can take advantage of:

• Streamlined Voice Queue: Save valuable time. When you call us using our toll-free number, your call is recognized and prioritized. A highly-skilled agent will respond quickly to assist you.

• Service Protection Plan: Get peace of mind. You'll get inside wire maintenance and repair coverage for up to 30 lines. This includes Verizon broadband and Fios TV, as well as voice lines at a single business location.

• Tech Support Pro: Get tech help when you need it. Verizon's technical assistance gives you support 24/7. Get help with issues that can cost your business time and productivity, including:
    Troubleshooting/resolving problems and computer crashes
    Detecting and removing known viruses, spyware and malware
    Providing support for smartphones and tablets
    Installing and setting up software applications
    Configuring backup to local or cloud storage
    Securing your wireless network
    And more
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