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Billing and Payment Issues I'm experiencing this:
  • I can’t pay or view my bill online
  • My bill is higher than expected
  • I can’t pay my final bill



Try this Quick Fix:

If you cannot pay or access your bill from the My Verizon Web site, you may be a “limited access” customer. By default, all new Verizon customers are limited access customers until the account is authenticated by a temporary PIN. The temporary PIN lets us know that your account belongs to you. After you enter the temporary PIN, you should have full-access to all My Verizon features, including viewing and paying your bill online.

How do I know if I’m a limited access customer?
When you login to My Verizon, you’ll see a request to have a temporary PIN sent to you.

Next Steps:

Request a temporary PIN and learn more about "limited" vs "full-access" on My Verizon



Try this next:

If you are having issues paying your current or final bill from My Verizon or need to dispute charges on your bill, review the following solutions:


  • Pay your current bill  (without signing in or registering with My Verizon): Make a One-Time Payment You’ll need your Verizon Telephone Number or Verizon Account Number and billing zip code. BillMatrix charges $3.50 for all payment types for live accounts.
  • Pay your Final Bill: Payments made with a bank account will be processed by Verizon at no charge. BillMatrix will charge a $3.50 fee for credit or debit card payments.
  • Dispute a charge:
    • Your bill does not show your last payment. We may have received your payment after your current bill was printed. Review your payment history online.
    • I need an explanation of a charge on my bill. Look-up a specific charge in our Billing Glossary to review common Verizon Online charges.
    • My bill is higher than expected. There are many reasons your bill may be higher than expected:
      • Did you add new products or services? Bills for new services or products are often prorated and will show additional charges for up-coming months.
      • Did you make a partial payment last month? The remaining charges continue to appear until you pay your bill in full. Your bill may include late fees. Pay your bill online to bring your account balance to zero.


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