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FiOS Internet


Set Up and Use Verizon Email

Set Up Email

Set Up your Primary Account

During the account setup portion of your service installation, you selected your user name and password, which serves as the first part of your Verizon Online email address.


Verizon Online Email Address


Forgot your user name and password?


Next steps?

Login to Verizon Online Email

Import Email, Contacts and Calendar



Set up Email on Verizon Wireless Phones

Visit the Verizon Wireless Support Web site and select your phone to locate the steps that apply to your cell phone. Need Verizon.net Email Settings? _____________________________



Set Up Accounts for Friends and Family

Primary account holders can set up 8 additional accounts (sub-accounts)


Set up sub-accounts in My Account

Set up sub-accounts in Outlook Express



Set Up Non-Verizon Email Software

Once you set up your primary account you can set up email software.

Verizon Online Email Settings


Outlook or Outlook Express


Set up Outlook Express



Use Email

Use Web-based Email

Verizon Online Email via Message Center

Our newest web-based management tool for email, calendar and more.

Message Center graphic


Verizon Online Email via Webmail

Our classic web-based email product.

Webmail graphic




Use Portal Partner Email

As of March 27, 2010, service for these email products are no longer available in some areas.Learn more


Verizon Yahoo! Mail

Verizon AOL

Verizon Online MSN Premium

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