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FiOS Internet

Prepare for FiOS Installation

  • Make sure your computer meets minimum requirements
    Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to work with Verizon FiOS Internet Service.
  • Check for a grounded electrical outlet
    Find the area where your utilities enter your home or garage. Nearby this area, you will need an indoor grounded electrical outlet that accepts three-pronged power cords. This outlet must not be controlled by a switch.
  • Allow 4 - 6 hours for installation
    A typical installation takes 4 - 6 hours after the Verizon Technician arrives at your home. Make sure you allow enough time for installation.
  • Someone 18 years or older must be present
    An adult who can make decisions regarding equipment placement and computer configuration options must be present for the entire installation.
  • Clear a path for the Verizon Technician to work
    The Verizon Technician will need access to the location where your utilities enter your home or garage. The technician will also need room to work around your computer as well as any areas where Ethernet jacks will be installed. If you ordered FiOS TV, the technician will need room to work around your TV(s).
  • Make sure you have Administrator Rights, plus any user names and passwords
    In order for the Verizon Technician to be able to install FiOS, you must have Administrator Rights on your Windows computer. If you have installed software on your computer before, you probably already have Administrator Rights. You also need to have any other user names or passwords needed to access your computer (for example: firewall, networking router, Windows logon).
  • Have your current Verizon Online user name and password (if applicable)
    If you are a Verizon High Speed Internet or Dial-up customer who is upgrading to FiOS, please have your current Verizon Online user name and password available.



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