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High Speed Internet

 Connecting a DROID X to your wireless network
Before you begin: You’ll need your network's SSID, network encryption type (WPA2, WPA or WEP), and encryption key. You can find this information in one of three ways:
  • Review the sticker on the back of your router or gateway. The sticker displays the SSID and encryption key information. By default, some routers and gateways are configured as WPA. You may have to choose WEP if the device you wish to connect is not accepting WPA mode.

  • Use In-Home Agent to view your settings: You can access In-Home Agent on a computer that is already connected to Verizon Online. Within In-Home Agent, go to the Networking tab and select Retrieve SSID and WEP/WPA key.

  • Log in to your router from a computer already connected to your network. The instructions you follow depend on the type of router or gateway you use to connect to Verizon High Speed Internet.

To connect a DROID X to your wireless home network:

  1. Press the Applications icon on the Home screen. [Show Me]

  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Settings Icon

  4. Tap Wireless & Networks. [Show Me]

  5. Turn Wi-Fi on by tapping the Wi-Fi check box. [Show Me]

  6. After your phone scans for available networks, tap Wi-Fi settings. [Show Me]

  7. Tap the network you want to join from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

    • If you selected an open network, you will be connected to the network immediately.

    • If you selected a network secured by WPA or WEP encryption, you must

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