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Fios TV

Fios TV app


Fios TV App Logo - BlackThe Fios TV app is your mobile companion to your Fios TV service and is available to all Fios TV subscribers. With a modern user interface (UI) and intuitive navigation, the Fios TV app provides effortless content discovery from our ever-increasing catalog of newly added networks and On Demand titles. At your office or away, enjoy TV with a smile. It’s TV as you want it!

Watch virtually all your channels at your office, view lots of channels on-the-go and access thousands of On Demand titles. The app is organized into five primary menu categories:

  • Home: Home showcases prominent and recommended live TV and On Demand content. You also get to glance your most recent recordings.
  • Guide: Guide (also referred to as TV guide or TV listings) is your primary portal for live TV content.
  • My Stuff: This is your content library from where you can find your DVR recordings, and purchased, rented, or downloaded content. You may also manage your DVR recordings from here.
  • Browse: This is your gateway to the world of Fios content neatly organized by categories—Featured, Shows, Movies, and Networks. Access programs from your subscribed channels including premium networks from the Networks menu option under Browse. Each of the Browse categories has mindfully curated sections to facilitate browsing.
  • Search: Looking for something specific? Type in the movie, show, channel, team, or top cast member that you might be interested in.


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About the Fios TV App

Supported Devices

On what devices is the Fios TV app supported?
Is the Fios TV app supported on jailbroken or rooted devices?

Account / Login

Why can't I log in to the Fios TV app away from the office?
How do I log out of the Fios TV app?
What happens if I clear the data and cache from device settings?
Why does the Fios TV app need access to my device media storage?
What is long press?
What is Watch?


Can I watch live TV with my Fios TV app anywhere?
What is In-Office (IO) and Out-of-Office (OOO)?
What about when I'm at someone else’s office?
Can I use the app when I am not connected with the Fios router?
Can I stream content outside the United States or its territories?

Pending Installation

Just signed up for Fios? Or is your Fios TV service being transferred to your new location? While you await your Fios installation, select content is available via the Fios TV app. Download the Fios TV app from the app store to a supported mobile device, smart phone or tablet!

What can I do while waiting for my Fios TV service to be installed?



How can I go to Settings?
What’s in Settings?
Does the app allow me to apply Parental Controls (PCON)?
Is Closed Captioning (CC) supported?
Is SAP supported?


Why do I need to register my device?
What devices can I authorize to use with On Demand?
Can I manage my On Demand authorized devices from the app?
What kind of Fios TV app support or help can I get?


What’s in Guide?
Can I favorite a channel?
Can I watch the entire Fios TV channel lineup on my mobile device?
Can I stream live TV content when I am outside of the United States?
What are channel ‘Neighborhoods’?
Where are the channel numbers?

On Demand

Where do I find On Demand* content?
How does On Demand work?
What’s the difference between buying and renting a title?
What happens to the titles I rent or purchase if I leave Verizon?
Why can't I purchase or rent On Demand titles on certain devices?
Can I download purchased or rented content to my PC or laptop?
What if I purchase the wrong/incorrect version of an On Demand title?
How do I prevent others from buying titles on my account?
What if my mobile device is lost or stolen?


My Stuff

What’s in My Stuff?


If you have one or more DVRs in your office, use the Fios TV app to manage and schedule your DVR recordings from anywhere!

How can I upgrade my service to allow DVR recordings?
Can I watch my recorded content from my mobile or tablet device?
Can I watch my recorded content in and out of my office?
Can I use my mobile or tablet to set DVR recordings?
Where can I manage DVR recordings?
Is the DVR management supported by a non-Verizon routers?



Where can I find shows or movies I have either purchased or rented?



Where can I find my downloaded shows or movies?


Can I bookmark a show or a movie?


Remote Control

The Fios TV app lets you use your mobile device or tablet as a remote control for any HD set-top box in your office when connected to your Fios router.

How do I connect my device with my set-top box?
What can I do if my device is unable to recognize my set-top box?
Can I connect with any set-top box available with my service?
Why won't this app work with my standard definition (SD) set-top box?


How do I search?

Help and Support

What kind of Fios TV app support or help can I get?

Looking for Residential?

Visit Residential Support

Looking for Wireless?

Visit Wireless Support

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