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Additional information regarding FiOS TV equipment
  • Can I purchase the equipment instead of renting it for a monthly fee?

  • Rental is the only option for Verizon FiOS TV Set-Top Boxes. The equipment we provide is state-of-the-art, and we ensure you have the latest technology without having to spend hundreds of dollars for each box up-front.

  • Can I hook up multiple TVs with Verizon FiOS TV Service?

  • Yes. Set-Top Boxes are required for each television where you would like to receive digital programming (all packages and channels beyond the FiOS TV Local Package). You can install FiOS TV on up to seven televisions with Set-Top Boxes. Our representatives and technicians will work with you to set up the best FiOS TV network in your home.

  • How can the sound be improved?

  • Our Set-Top Boxes have both stereo and digital 5.1 surround sound outputs available. Using these outputs results in a dramatic improvement to the audio quality.

  • Why is a router needed for installation of Verizon FiOS TV Service?

  • We use a router to provide you the latest in TV technology. Data for the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide and On Demand programming travel over our network to the Optical Network Terminal and through the router before reaching your Set-Top Boxes, letting you take control of your viewing experience and enabling the interactivity that this network provides. The router provides a more secure networking environment and ensures the quality of service necessary to deliver the FiOS TV experience. If you choose, the router will facilitate application and content sharing in your home between your TVs and computers.

  • Do I need a separate Set-Top Box for every TV in my house?

  • Yes. Customers receiving FiOS TV service will need to ensure that each TV set in the home is equipped with a Verizon-supplied set-top box, digital adapter, or CableCARD so that they can continue to enjoy the service on all of their sets.

  • Is the remote control a universal remote?

  • Yes. In addition to operating your Verizon FiOS TV Set-Top Box, the remote control can be programmed to control other devices such as your TV, DVD player, or home theater system. Each Set-Top Box from FiOS TV comes with a remote control.

  • What is the advantage of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?

  • A DVR gives you control of your TV experience, enabling you to watch what you want, when you want. You can pause and rewind live TV, record two programs at the same time, or watch one live program while recording another.

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