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I have no sound on my TV

Follow the troubleshooting tips below to diagnose your audio issue.

Is the issue limited to one channel?The channel you are trying to view could be having temporary difficulties. Wait awhile and see if the audio returns.
Is the Mute button on?

Press the Mute button on your FiOS TV remote control to see if the audio returns.

If you control audio volume from another device, like your TV or an audio receiver, press the mute buttons on those remote controls to make sure the mute button hasn't been accidentally activated.

Did you check the audio volume?

Check to make sure the audio volume has not been turned down. You can check the volume by accessing the volume settings in your Media Guide. 

If you control audio volume from your TV:
Use the remote control that came with your TV to make sure the audio level has not been accidentally turned down.

If you control audio volume from an audio receiver:
Select the appropriate input device and use the remote that came with your audio receiver to make sure the audio has not been accidentally turned down.
Did you check the audio cables?Check the audio cables to make sure they are firmly connected to your equipment. If you suspect the cause may be a damaged audio cable, try replacing the cable if possible.
Did this issue occur after disconnecting or adding new devices to your TV setup?Verify that your audio cables are wired correctly and that you are using the appropriate cables. Take a look at the online wiring diagrams for further help.

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