See how we work with founders.

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We connect ideas and opportunities.

Through our early-stage strategic investments, we support leading-edge technologies that advance Verizon’s mission to connect people, businesses and ideas.

We champion entrepreneurs.

Verizon Ventures bridges start-ups to Verizon’s resources. We’re the node to a vast network that can jump-start everything from concept development to product testing to commercial launch.

We have the 5G you’re looking for.

Portfolio companies have access to strategic resources, including Verizon’s 5G network, pioneering 5G labs, and a network of committed people with vast expertise in many verticals.

Venture capital and the Verizon Ventures team.

Our team has deep roots in network, tech, and finance. We foster active exchanges of ideas and we look forward to engaging with our founders.

Take a look at our portfolio.

We seek and nurture new technologies and businesses that will change how we experience the world. We look for solutions to problems that no one has thought of yet.

Our team.

Each member of the Verizon Ventures team has a unique set of skills—business development, finance, and technologythat helps identify and grow forward-thinking technologies to further Verizon’s strategic agenda across business units.

Citizen Verizon: Impact the world.

Verizon as a whole aims to bolster human prosperity by expanding digital access, protecting the climate and preparing communities for next-generation jobs.