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Verizon Ventures’ 2022 in review

Read more about Verizon Ventures' exciting strategic investments which underpinned our mission to fund the future of connectivity throughout 2022. 

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Verizon Ventures insights: Beyond capital — owning the future of data

Verizon Ventures' Managing Director, Kristina Serafim, takes you inside Verizon Ventures’ vision for the future of data and shares how strategic investment goes beyond capital.


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Verizon Ventures insights: Tel Aviv — the hub of global innovation

Verizon Ventures' Managing Director, Tammy Mahn, discusses how personal relationships are the key to unlocking the immense scaling capabilities of a Verizon Ventures strategic investment.

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Verizon Ventures insights: Connecting founders at the right time

Michelle McCarthy, Verizon Ventures' Managing Director, discusses in this video how making connections between the right people at the right time helps innovative companies.

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Immersive experiences are the future of entertainment

In light of revised cultural structures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, immersive entertainment experiences are moving more into the mainstream.

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