Investing in a
Smarter Future

How we invest in the smart home

Feeling safe and secure in the home is paramount. Smart home technologies provide peace of mind. 

The router, as the gateway to the home, is key to offering these services. Verizon powers it all with its fast and reliable network.

Origin Wireless redefines peace of mind.

Verizon Ventures invested in Origin Wireless in February 2021. Now, Verizon's Home Awareness uses Origin Wireless' Wi-Fi sensing technology. In this video, Managing Director Michelle McCarthy and Origin Wireless' Chief Commercial Officer discuss smart home technology from Origin Wireless. 

Smarter home, smarter security


Verizon launches Device Identification to monitor the home network via SAM technology. 

$20 Million

Verizon Ventures invested in SAM Seamless Network's Series B in May 2021. 


Connectivity ensures reduced latency and increased visibility. 

A new level of connectivity

"We can secure the devices, know what is happening, what devices are connected, and know what kind of traffic is flowing where, but we can also add really cool functionality to your devices that happen only because we see the traffic flowing between them."-Michelle McCarthy