Verizon Ventures and Origin Wireless discuss smart home trends and the power of WiFi signals

In this video, Origin Wireless' Chief Commercial Officer, Spencer Maid, and Verizon Ventures Managing Director Michelle McCarthy discuss how Origin Wireless elevates the smart home through the power of WiFi signals.

Origin Wireless has the ambitious mission of enhancing the in-home experience. Coupled with their WiFi sensing technology, the possibilities are “almost endless,” according to Verizon Ventures’ Michelle McCarthy. Michelle speaks with Origin’s Chief Commercial Officer, Spencer Maid, about how their tech simplifies and unlocks new potential in smart homes, plus his very personal connection with Origin Wireless and Verizon’s new Home Awareness feature. This value-added service, free to eligible customers, monitors motion within the home and alerts users to unexpected events, such as an intruder or a loved one falling. With Origin Wireless, your Verizon router detects disruptions in existing WiFi signals in the home and lets the user know if there is unexpected motion. Read more on And, Spencer says, that’s just the beginning.