Verizon Ventures invests in Swim to transform rapid decision making and data analytics

By Kristina Serafim

Verizon Ventures is pleased to announce a strategic investment in Swim, developer of Swim Continuum, the industry’s first open core platform for building and running continuous intelligence applications. 

Businesses around the world – from large corporations to small businesses – are experiencing an explosion of data. By 2025, global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes. With the growing data streaming analytics market expected to reach a market value of $38.6 billion by 2025, there is an incredible opportunity for businesses to obtain continuous analytics and strategic insights in real-time.

"Verizon Ventures is excited to support Swim’s mission to provide real-time operational insights based on vast streaming data sets and enable the next generation of wireless communication."

Here’s why: 

The Swim difference 

The legacy approach to data analytics has typically been a lengthy process. Companies collect and store data, then ingest and run analysis after, resulting in delayed insights. Companies who rely primarily on this strategy are at risk since they can't make real-time decisions or modifications to address problems or make improvements.

Swim Continuum provides a layer on top of streaming data infrastructure building blocks, such as data collection, messaging stream processing and analytics. The platform can integrate with existing architectures, allowing companies to build enterprise-grade applications on their streaming data. Most notably, Swim Continuum allows companies to create a digital data twin, which creates a continuously updated replica of the data being collected. The digital twin is then analyzed in real time so that enterprises can extract insights and make operational decisions using the most up-to-date data possible. 

Leadership team

The Swim leadership team is equipped with decades of experience within technology, big data and venture capital. This includes Ramana Jonnala, CEO, who has held leadership positions leading tech companies, and Chris Sachs, co-founder and Chief Architect, who has held engineering roles with a leading smart lighting network. The rest of the leadership team includes CTO Simon Crosby, CRO Jay McMullan and CMO Max Herrmann. 

The opportunity 

Today, Swim Continuum allows users to assess problem areas and improve the quality of their networks in real-time by creating virtual models of network elements and devices, including subscriber, cell tower and gateway data. 

Other businesses are also in the midst of a data renaissance. With this growth comes an opportunity to harness the power of data insights and improve experiences for the end customer. Verizon Ventures is proud to play a role in making real-time data insights more accessible to businesses by investing in Swim. 


About the Author(s): 

Kristina is a Managing Director at Verizon Ventures. She joined Ventures from Verizon's Big Data and Artificial Intelligence product team. Prior to coming to Verizon she was a Director at Intellectual Ventures, where she led investments in machine learning, media, advertising, and gaming technologies. 


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