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05.22.2020Careers Blog

#TheHumanNetwork: V Teamers give back and help their communities ‘mask’ up.

By: Verizon Careers
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Check out how these three V Teamers are a part of #TheHumanNetwork, helping out their communities by making masks.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found themselves struggling to navigate through the “new normal.” During these unprecedented times, we’re proud of every person who is a part of #TheHumanNetwork, actively working on and off the frontlines to support those who need it most. 

Here are three V Teamers who have each played an important role in #TheHumanNetwork, finding unique ways to give back.  

Michele B., Recruiter

From making masks to putting together care packages, V Teamer Michele B. began making masks for those in the medical field at the outset of the pandemic. Soon after, she began thinking about how she could extend her service to reach those in her local community as well. 

“There are many people in my neighborhood who are high-risk due to health issues or age,” Michele said. “So, I put together care packages with puzzles, adult coloring books, colored pencils, markers, books, and candy, and left them on the porches of those who I knew were unable to get out or were lonely.”


The Human Network- masks

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In her town, many students have been experiencing headaches and eye strain due to the extensive usage of computers that comes with remote learning. Michele also donated blue light glasses to help students in the local school.

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Michele completed her volunteer projects over the course of two weekends. Although she had no plan or vision in mind, she knew that she just wanted to help, however small.

Nate H., Network Engineer &  Operations team.

''With a strong desire to help others and make a difference, Nate H. from our Network Engineer and Operations team and his wife Susan have been hard at work creating cloth masks for friends, family, and members of their community. 

Nate and Susan began making masks solely to help their family and friends stay safe. Through social media, however, they soon learned that the need in their community was even greater than they thought. With that, Susan and Nate began creating cloth face masks for the greater community using materials from Susan’s fiber arts business. 

So far, Susan and Nate have made over 50 cloth masks and have an overall goal of 100. 

Scott J., Verizon Business Group

''During a town forum in their Clements Ranch community right outside of Dallas, TX, V Teamer Scott J. and his wife, Heidi, learned about the shortage of cloth masks and how it was negatively impacting their community. Expectant mothers were worried about attending OB appointments, essential supply delivery drivers lacked the means to properly protect themselves, and first responders in the area were losing sleep over the possibility of infection. 

As a result, Scott and Heidi decided to answer that call for their community. Being the crafty one in the family, Heidi immediately got to work, using quality fabric and spare materials to come up with simple designs and begin sewing and creating masks. 

So far, Scott and Heidi have made over 75 masks for those in their community. While working from home and also raising a family of three, Scott couldn’t be more proud of the effort they have put into giving back by creating masks for the community. 

To all of our V Teamers who are giving back during these difficult times, thank you and keep up the great work! Check out our volunteer page to learn about more ways the V Team gives back.

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