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Dial Up Internet Service

Dial up internet from Verizon is no longer offered but a number of broadband alternatives may be available in your area.

High Speed Internet (DSL) and Fios by Verizon are available to homes and businesses across the Northeast, including select areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

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When did dial up internet end?

Verizon ended its dial up internet access service on May 20, 2016.

If you've checked availability of dial-up alternatives offered by Verizon but reside outside of our current coverage map, America Online (AOL) dial up access may be an option that is available to you.

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  • What is dial up internet?

  • Dial up internet access is a method of connecting to an Internet service provider (ISP) via a modem and telephone line. Since the modem reaches the ISP by dialing a phone number over a conventional telephone line, use of the landline telephone while connected to the internet is not possible unless a separate phone line exists within the home.

    In the early 90's and leading up to the mid-2000's, this was the most common form of establishing a connection, but it has since been replaced by broadband internet solutions such as Fios, DSL and other services. Now, dial-up service is typically utilized by homes and businesses located in rural or remote areas where broadband is unavailable or too expensive.

  • Can I get dial up internet?

  • Verizon no longer offers dial-up internet access but a range of other options may be available to you if you reside within our current DSL service footprint or Fios coverage map.

    Speeds much faster than dial-up can be achieved with a broadband connection, allowing you to enjoy things like:

    • Online gaming
    • High-definition video streaming
    • Photo sharing
    • Video conferencing
    • And much more.

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  • Is dial up broadband?

  • No. Dial-up internet access is not broadband because it requires exclusive use of a conventional telephone line and a modem. It takes a number of seconds to dial and connect to the Internet service provider, as well as configure and synchronize the line in order for data transfers to occur. Broadband internet connections are always on and utilize different technology than dial-up service.

  • Is dial up the same as DSL?

  • Dial-up vs DSL could be confusing to some as both technologies make use of a conventional telephone line, but they are in fact different. The most obvious difference between dial-up and DSL internet is that a dial-up connection prevents the user from placing phone calls whilst connected to the internet, while DSL allows for a connection and data transfer to take place while also keeping a line open for use of the landline phone.